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Fig. 3

From: Development of SNP assays for hessian fly response genes, Hfr-1 and Hfr-2, for marker-assisted selection in wheat breeding

Fig. 3

Amplicons of each of the four exons, I, II, III and IV, of Hfr-1 using the appropriate primer pairs (Table 1) were all single fragments of expected sizes, 294, 205, 237 and 211 bp respectively. The samples sequenced were AGT-Young (1), Axe (2), Carnamah (3), Janz (4) Cham6 (5), Clark (6), Ella (7), AUS26929 (8), Monon (9), Newton (10), CIGM90.898 (11), CIGM90.906 (12) and CASW02GH00010S (13). Another 2 cultivars, Frame and Haala-35 were performed first before this second bigger lot of cultivars. Lane 14 is no template control and lane M is the marker of 100 bp ladder

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