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Table 3 Genotype profiles of some R wheat cultivars for three Hessian fly response genes, HfrDrd, Hfr-1 and Hfr-2 and the H32 gene

From: Development of SNP assays for hessian fly response genes, Hfr-1 and Hfr-2, for marker-assisted selection in wheat breeding

Wheat Accessions # cultivars Locality Phenotype aSNP143_HfrDrd SNP883_Hfr-1 bSNP1294_Hfr-2 csynopGBS901 H32 cIWB65911 H32
Chrom location     7DS/7AS 7DS/4AL 2BS/2DL/4BS/4BL/5AL/5BL 3DL 3DL
d78 wheat cultivars 78 dvarious eS C:C A:A T:T G:G A:G
d131 wheat cultivars 131 dvarious S C:C A:G T:T G:G A:G
Sunguard 1 Aus S C:C A:G T:T C:G A:G
NS732/HER*2//Saada, Ouassou-18, Morsud-31, Miskeet-3, Miskeet-8, Miskeet-18, Haala-34, Doukkala-1 8 Mor fR C:C A:G T:T G:G A:G
KS92WGRC20, Ella, AUS28747, KS89WGRC03, KS89WGRC04, Monon, Ribeiro 7 various R C:C A:A T:T G:G A:G
AUS90809, Haala-35 2 USA, Mor R C:T A:A T:T G:G A:G
Clark 1 USA R C:C G:G T:T G:G A:G
CIGM93.226-0SY 1 Mex R C:C A:A C:T G:G A:G
Langdon, CIGM93.203-OSY 2 USA, Mex R C:C A:G T:T C:G A:G
KS89WGRC06 (AUS90812) 1 USA R C:C A:A T:T C:C G:G
CIGM90.906 1 Mex R C:T A:G T:T C:G A:G
CIGM90.812-03WM-0Y 1 Mex R T:T A:G C:T G:G A:G
CIGM93.205 1 Mex R C:C G:G T:T C:C G:G
KS93WGRC26 (AUS26929) 1 USA R C:T G:G T:T C:G ?
Lola_1, CIGM86.941, CIGM86.941-1B-0B-0B 3 USA, Mex R T:T G:G T:T C:G G:G
CIGM90.543, AUS30625 2 Mex R T:T G:G C:T G:G A:G
M6 1 Mex R C:C G:G C:T C:C G:G
CIGM86.942-1B-0PR-0, CIGM90.898 2 Mex R T:T A:G C:C C:C G:G
AUS26847, CASW02GH00010S, CASS03GH00001S 3 Mex R T:T G:G C:T C:C A:G
CIGM86.950, CIGM86.950-1 M-1Y-0B 2 Mex R T:T G:G C:T C:C G:G
  1. a[19]
  2. bThe SNP1294_Hfr-2 assay distinguished a ‘C/T’ SNP which is the reverse complement of the ‘G/A’ SNP in the coding sequence
  3. c[34]
  4. dRefer to Additional file 2: Table S2 for details
  5. eS = 100% susceptible
  6. fR = resistant to the Hessian fly biotype in Morocco [19]
  7. Nt in bold indicates genotype associated with the resistant variant/allele of the corresponding gene in the cultivar