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Table 4 Genome-wide significantly associated SNPs with pelt length in mink

From: SNP markers associated with body size and pelt length in American mink (Neovison vison)

SNP SNP effect (cm) P-value Gene Distance from the gene (bp) Whether significant for body weight
scaffold38:2633994 1.80 4.34E-9 RAB11FIP4 Inter-genic T
scaffold43:300969 −1.12 8.66E-6 WWC3 Inter-genic T
scaffold205:760765 2.18 2.53E-13 WSCD1 15,690 T
scaffold205:1341961 0.96 1.97E-6 KIF1C 47,859 F
scaffold205:2221769 1.12 2.47E-07 NDEL1 245,367 F
scaffold205:5542387 1.64 4.53E-9 MAP2K4 445,423 T
scaffold245:2338413 1.33 1.40E-6 SMU1 50,270 F
scaffold247:347284 1.50 1.02E-7 SLC7A1 225,378 F
scaffold337:39650 1.53 6.37E-8 EPN2 Inter-genic T
scaffold337:187563 1.95 1.65E-10 GRAP Inter-genic T
scaffold337:232535 1.85 1.08E-9 SLC5A10 Inter-genic T
scaffold337:1044408 1.62 7.63E-9 PEMT Inter-genic T
scaffold337:1537004 1.54 3.87E-8 MPRIP 38,146 T
scaffold337:1602038 1.64 4.22E-9 USP22 24,238 F
scaffold1113:14267 1.94 1.22E-10 scaffold1113.1 Inter-genic T
scaffold1256:10430 1.48 1.71E-8 NA NA F
  1. Base positions are as in mink reference genome [9]