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Table 3 Estimates of QTL locations by multiple interval mapping detected on the same chromosome 4AL within 10 cM distance for the two phytotoxic traits, CCI reduction and SNS

From: Identification and validation of QTL and their associated genes for pre-emergent metribuzin tolerance in hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Trait QTL Chromosome arm Position (cM) Additive effect
CCI Qcci.uwa.4AL.1 10 (4AL) 52.6 −0.8
  Qcci.uwa.4AL.2 10 (4AL) 61.9 −0.2
SNS Qsns.uwa.4AL.1 10 (4AL) 52.8 −0.8
  Qsns.uwa.4AL.2 10 (4AL) 61.9 −0.0