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Fig. 3

From: A genome wide association study for the number of animals born dead in domestic pigs

Fig. 3

Linkage disequilibrium plots of significantly associated 40Kb regions centering on each significant SNP (SSC11: 2898066 bp (a); SSC11: 7114076 bp (b); SSC5: 51702429 bp (c); SSC5: 49763855 bp (d), SSC9: 118987531 bp (e), SSC7: 121138988 bp (f)). Values in boxes are LD (R2) between SNP pairs and the boxes are colored according to the standard color scheme: LOD > 2 and D’ = 1, red; LOD > 2 and D’ < 1, shades of pink/red; LOD < 2 and D’ = 1, blue; LOD < 2 and D’ < 1, white (LOD is the log of the likelihood odds ratio, a measure of confidence in the value of D’)

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