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Fig. 3

From: Investigation of allele-specific expression of genes involved in adipogenesis and lipid metabolism suggests complex regulatory mechanisms of PPARGC1A expression in porcine fat tissues

Fig. 3

Mean percentage of 5-methylcytosine (5-mC) ± SD within CpG islands located in 5′-flanking region of PPARGC1A in fat deposits. The particular cytosines in each fragment analyzed: CGi1 (a) and CGi2 (b), are indicated as CpG1, CpG2, etc. P value is shown for cytosines that differed significantly in methylation level between ASE samples (n = 5 for subcutaneous fat and n = 10 for visceral fat) and control groups (n = 10 for subcutaneous and n = 10 for visceral fat) with similar expression of both alleles

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