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Fig. 5

From: The main WAP isoform usually found in camel milk arises from the usage of an improbable intron cryptic splice site in the precursor to mRNA in which a GC-AG intron occurs

Fig. 5

Complete sequence of C. dromedarius WAP gene available in GenBank (NCBI, LOC105095719). Primer pairs used for PCR and gDNA sequencing are highlighted in green. Introns and intergenic sequences are in italics. Intron donor and acceptor sites are bolded. The effective intron donor site (GCAAG) is highlighted in fuchsia. The reading frame in WAP gene is preserved through a 2–1 exon phase (nucleotides involved at the 5′- and 3′-ends are highlighted in yellow). Triplet codons encoding aa are given in blue and encoding specific to camel WAP tetrapeptide VSSP in red. The wrong protein sequence is indicated in grey and polyA site (AATAAA) is in purple. Stop codons are indicated with *: the correct one is in blue and “algorithm” predicted is in grey

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