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Table 2 Identification of WAP from molecular mass determination using LC-ESI-MS of a clarified Bactrian milk

From: The main WAP isoform usually found in camel milk arises from the usage of an improbable intron cryptic splice site in the precursor to mRNA in which a GC-AG intron occurs

Peak Ret.Time, (min) Observed Mr (Da) Theoretical Mr (Da) Protein description UniProt accession Intensity
III 24.31 12,564 12,564 WAP variant A, 0P P09837 896
12,596 n/a WAP variant B, 0P n/a 652
12,644   WAP variant A, 1P   951
12,677   WAP variant B, 1P   1059
  1. n/a not applicable