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Table 4 The genetics variants explained by QTL and the rest of SNPs

From: Dissecting closely linked association signals in combination with the mammalian phenotype database can identify candidate genes in dairy cattle

  Number of QTL V(G1)/Vpb (%) V(G2)/Vpc (%)
Fat1a 18 23.56 61.12
Fat2a 27 28.57 56.40
Prot1a 22 12.52 72.20
Prot2a 34 16.76 67.14
Milk1a 20 19.02 66.27
Milk2a 26 21.50 63.12
  1. Note, aFat means the trait of fat yield, Prot means the trait of protein yield, Milk means the trait of milk yield; 1 indicate the lead SNP list only included the lead SNP from the first round, 2 indicated the lead SNP list included all lead SNP found by our approach. bmeans the percentage of genetics variants explained by the QTL, c means the percentage of genetics variants explained by the rest of SNP other than QTL