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Table 5 Genes related to “abnormal milk composition” phenotype in the mammalian phenotype database [24] overlapped with milk QTL identified in the present study

From: Dissecting closely linked association signals in combination with the mammalian phenotype database can identify candidate genes in dairy cattle

Gene name Location Phenotype
CSN1S1 BTA6: 87,141,556-87,159,096 abnormal milk composition
CSN2 BTA6: 87,179,502-87,188,025 abnormal milk composition
CSN3 BTA6: 87,378,398-87,392,750 abnormal milk composition
DGAT1 BTA14: 1,795,351-1,804,562 abnormal milk composition
IL4I1 BTA18: 56,691,667-56,725,849 abnormal milk composition