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Fig. 3

From: Organization and evolution of the chalcone synthase gene family in bread wheat and relative species

Fig. 3

Expression of the Chs copies in the pericarps, roots and coleoptiles. In squares the color and pigmentation intensity of wheat tissues are shown. The lines and cultivars names: S29 - Saratovskaya 29, iPF - i:S29 Pp1Pp2PF (PF - Purple Feed), iP - i:S29 Pp1Pp3P (P – purple), iRa - i:S29Ra, N67 - Novosibirskaya 67, CS - Chinese Spring, CS(H7A) - Chinese Spring (Hope 7A), CS(H7B) - Chinese Spring (Hope 7B), T.durum – accession number TRI 15744

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