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Fig. 6

From: Functional characterization of Gh_A08G1120 (GH3.5) gene reveal their significant role in enhancing drought and salt stress tolerance in cotton

Fig. 6

Phenotype trait evolution in the silenced plants with the TRV: 00 empty vector, wild type plants and Gh_A08G1120 (GH3.5) -silenced plants at 12 days post inoculation: (A). PDS infused plants (B). Drought and salt stress treatment. (C). RT-qPCR analysis of the change in the expression level of the Gh_A08G1120 (GH3.5) gene in cotton plants treated with VIGS. “TRV: 00” represents the plants carrying control the TRV2 empty vector; “TRV: Gh_A08G1120 (GH3.5)” represents the Gh_A08G1120 (GH3.5)-silenced plants. (A(i) Quantitative determination of chlorophyll content (D(ii)) Quantitative determination of relative leaf water content (RLWC) (iv) Quantitative determination of cell membrane stability (CMS) as ion leakage concentration in leaves of wild-type and Gh_A08G1120 (GH3.5) -silenced plants after 8-day post stress exposure Letters a/b indicate statistically significant differences (two-tailed, p < 0.01). In (C and D), each experiment was replicated three times. Bar indicates standard error (SE). Different letters indicate significant differences between wild type and OE lines (ANOVA; p < 0.05). CK: normal conditions

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