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Table 2 Heterogeneity statistics for the 16 summary effect sizes under drought stressed condition after data conversed

From: Meta-analysis of the effects of overexpression of WRKY transcription factors on plant responses to drought stress

TraitQtPI2 (%)
Survival rate1.061.000.0
Stomatal aperture0.051.000.0
Root length85.080.0067.1
Shoot fresh weight6.780.660.0
Relative water content0.210.990.0
Electrolyte leakage10.150.520.0
Proline content1.931.000.0
Malondialdehyde content29.180.0248.6
Chlorophyll content46.420.0082.8
Soluble sugar content0.311.000.0
Plant height2.750.2527.4
H2O2 content0.170.920.0
CAT activity6.390.930.0
POD activity1.991.000.0
SOD activity.811.000.0