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Table 4 Genomic windows that overlapped with QTL previously mapped for fatness traits using the same SNP dataset and the same population (Embrapa F2 Chicken Resource Population)

From: Unraveling genomic associations with feed efficiency and body weight traits in chickens through an integrative approach

GGA_MbGenomic windowGenome intervalAssociated trait hereinFatness associated trait [14]
(first - last SNP)(start – end position)1
1_54rs318211853 - rs1549715554,001,671 – 54,998,619BW35, BW41ABF
1_168rs15271198 - rs315312994168,005,668 – 168,997,872BW35, BW41CFC
7_36rs14302748 - rs31277239136,000,235 – 36,898,384BW35CFC, CFCDM
27_3rs313774457 - rs3127011763,000,222 – 3,996,811BW35, BW41ABF
28_0rs316261866 - rs31536055423,942 – 999,295BW35, BW41ABFP
  1. ABF Abdominal fat weight in grams, ABFP Abdominal fat percentage, CFC Carcass fat content in grams, CFCDM Carcass fat content on dry matter basis
  2. 1Map position based on Gallus_gallus-5.0, NCBI assembly