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Fig. 2

From: Evolution and expression of genes encoding TCP transcription factors in Solanum tuberosum reveal the involvement of StTCP23 in plant defence

Fig. 2

Potato TCP protein sequence alignments. a Comparison of TCP domains and flanking sequences. Red bars (above) indicate the location of four basic helix-loop-helix motifs found in all TCP proteins. Overall conserved amino acids are shaded in black. Amino acids over 80 and 60% conserved in class II or class I are coloured in dark grey and light grey, respectively. b Comparison of the R motifs found in all members of the potato class II/CYC subclade. c Pairwise sequence identities for different regions of potato TCP proteins and (d) dN/dS ratios between the full length protein sequence, (e) TCP domain, (f) and sequences outside the TCP domain were calculated

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