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Fig. 6

From: Evolution and expression of genes encoding TCP transcription factors in Solanum tuberosum reveal the involvement of StTCP23 in plant defence

Fig. 6

Role of StTCP23 in regulating susceptibility to common scab. The upper two panels compare the visual appearance a and disease severity (b) of groups of tubers harvested from mock (WT) or TRV-infected plants inoculated with constructs containing either an empty cassette (TRV:00) or sequences from StTCP23 (TRV:06). From left to right, the soil in which plants gave rise to tuber groups 2, 4, and 6 was inoculated with S. turgidiscabies during the growing period. Scale bars = 3 cm. The lower two panels compare the relative expression levels of TRV coat protein (c) and StTCP23 (d) gene transcripts in wild-type and VIGS-treated plants

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