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Table 2 Results of GO analysis of 2784 DEGs between THTS and THTT

From: Puccinia triticina pathotypes THTT and THTS display complex transcript profiles on wheat cultivar Thatcher

Ontology categoryClassNo. of DEGsOntology categoryClassNo. of DEGs
Biological processBiological adhesion1Cellular componentCell425
Biological regulation126Cell part425
Cellular component organizationor biogenesis69Macromolecular complex216
Cellular process652Membrane part142
Establishment of localization169Membrane-enclosed lumen15
Developmental process9Nucleoid2
Localization173Organelle part119
Metabolic process656Molecular functionAntioxidant activity5
Multiorganism process1Binding579
Multicellular organismal process3Catalytic activity615
Negative regulation of biological process9Electron carrier activity4
Enzyme regulator activity12
Positive regulation of biological process4Guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity19
Regulation of biological process118Molecular transducer activity13
Single-organism process426Nucleic acid binding transcription factor activity17
Reproductive process2Protein binding transcription factor activity1
Response to stimulus94Receptor activity6
Signaling61Structural molecule activity88
Reproduction4Transporter activity75