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Table 3 Number of individuals used to make DNA pools for each family for BSA-ddRAD library construction followed by number of individuals for each six GIFT families, and GIFT and Stirling broodstock for individual analysis with LG23-linked DNA markers

From: Sex determination in the GIFT strain of tilapia is controlled by a locus in linkage group 23

  BSA-ddRADseq analysisLG23-linked marker analysis
IDStrainIndividuals in male progeny poolIndividuals in female progeny poolIndividuals analysed
Family 1Stirling2424 
Family 2Stirling2929 
Family 1GIFT252540
Family 2GIFT303040
Family 3GIFT303040
Family 4GIFT303040
Family 5GIFT3030 
Family 6GIFT3030 
Family 7GIFT151530
Family 8GIFT1818 
Family 9GIFT2828 
Family 10GIFT1515 
Family 11GIFT2121 
Family 12GIFT2222 
Family 13GIFT3030 
Family 14GIFT1515 
Family 15GIFT2222 
Family 16GIFT1717 
Family 17GIFT2323 
Family 18GIFT2323 
Family 19GIFT303040
BroodstockGIFT  50
BroodstockStirling  4