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Volume 4 Supplement 1

Genetic Analysis Workshop 13: Analysis of Longitudinal Family Data for Complex Diseases and Related Risk Factors


Edited by Laura Almasy, Christopher I Amos, Joan E Bailey-Wilson, Rita M Cantor, Cashell E Jaquish, Maria Martinez, Rosalind J Neuman, Jane M Olson, Lyle J Palmer, Stephen S Rich, M Anne Spence, Jean W MacCluer

Genetic Analysis Workshop 13: Analysis of Longitudinal Family Data for Complex Diseases and Related Risk Factors. Go to conference site.

New Orleans, LA, USANovember 11-14, 2002

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  1. Content type: Proceedings

    Pedigree, demographic, square-root transformed maximum alcohol (SRMAXAPD) and maximum cigarette (MAXCPD) consumption, and genome-wide scan data from the Framingham Heart Study (FHS) were used to investigate ge...

    Authors: Andrew W Bergen, Xiaohong Rose Yang, Yan Bai, Michael B Beerman, Alisa M Goldstein and Lynn R Goldin

    Citation: BMC Genetics 2003 4(Suppl 1):S101

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Proceedings

    Cigarette smoking behavior may have a genetic basis. We assessed evidence for quantitative trait loci (QTLs) affecting the maximum number of cigarettes smoked per day, a trait meant to quantify this behavior, ...

    Authors: Ellen L Goode, Michael D Badzioch, Helen Kim, France Gagnon, Laura S Rozek, Karen L Edwards and Gail P Jarvik

    Citation: BMC Genetics 2003 4(Suppl 1):S102

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Proceedings

    Although many years of genetic epidemiological studies have demonstrated that genetics plays a significant role in determining smoking behavior, little information is available on genomic loci or genes affecti...

    Authors: Ming D Li, Jennie Z Ma, Rong Cheng, Randolph T Dupont, Nancy J Williams, Karen M Crews, Thomas J Payne and Robert C Elston

    Citation: BMC Genetics 2003 4(Suppl 1):S103

    Published on:

  4. Content type: Proceedings

    There is substantial evidence for a significant genetic component to the risk for alcoholism. However, susceptibility loci or genes for alcohol dependence remain largely unknown. To identify susceptibility loc...

    Authors: Jennie Z Ma, Dong Zhang, Randolph T Dupont, Michael Dockter, Robert C Elston and Ming D Li

    Citation: BMC Genetics 2003 4(Suppl 1):S104

    Published on:

  5. Content type: Proceedings

    Using the Framingham Heart Study data set provided for Genetic Analysis Workshop 13, we defined the cigarette-use phenotype M for smokers to be the maximum number of cigarettes-per-day (MAXCIG) reported over the ...

    Authors: Nancy L Saccone, Rosalind J Neuman, Scott F Saccone and John P Rice

    Citation: BMC Genetics 2003 4(Suppl 1):S105

    Published on:

  6. Content type: Proceedings

    To find specific genes predisposing to heavy alcohol consumption (self-reported consumption of 24 grams or more of alcohol per day among men and 12 grams or more among women), we studied 330 families collected...

    Authors: Diego F Wyszynski, Carolien I Panhuysen, Qianli Ma, Agustin G Yip, Marsha Wilcox, Porat Erlich and Lindsay A Farrer

    Citation: BMC Genetics 2003 4(Suppl 1):S106

    Published on:

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