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Figure 2

From: Hypermethylation of the DLC1 CpG island does not alter gene expression in canine lymphoma

Figure 2

CpG island and promoter regions of canine DLC1 with methylation assay sites identified. The amplicon for the COBRA analyses spans from nucleotide 4 through 190. Restriction enzyme cut sites are marked in bold and underlined in this section. The Sp1 binding sites are in plain text and underlined. The BLAST comparison with the human promoter identified the region from nucleotide 100 to 675. The Promoterscan prediction identified the region that is italicized and underlined as likely to be the promoter, the final 38 nucleotides of which are within the first exon. The MSP primer sites are bolded at the 3' end of the sequence. 5' RACE determined the transcription start site to be at base 466, Chromosome 16:39,535,666.

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