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Figure 1

From: Detection of quantitative trait loci affecting serum cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglyceride in pigs

Figure 1

F-ratio test statistics for the serum lipids traits on SSC1, SSC7 and SSC12. The quantitative trait loci related to serum lipids traits with chromosome-wide significance at P < 0.05 (dotted curve; suggestive); experiment-wide level P < 0.05 (solid curve; significant) and P < 0.01 (solid, bold curve; highly significant) on SSC1 (Figure 1a), SSC7 (Figure 1b) and SSC12 (Figure 1c) estimated from data of the DUPI F2 resource population. Positions of the markers are indicated at the x-axis, F-values at the y-axis.

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