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Table 1 Alleles and Genbank Accession Number of half-smooth tongue sole MHC class II exon2 gene

From: MHC polymorphism and disease resistance to vibrio anguillarum in 8 families of half-smooth tongue sole (Cynoglossus semilaevis)

Allele GenBank
Allele GenBank
Allele GenBank
Cyse-DBB*0101 GU194838 Cyse-DBB*2401 GU194876 Cyse-DBB*4601 GU194918
Cyse-DBB*0102 GU194839 Cyse-DBB*2501 GU194877 Cyse-DBB*4602 GU194919
Cyse-DBB*0201 GU194840 Cyse-DBB*2601 GU194878 Cyse-DBB*4701 GU194921
Cyse-DBB*0202 GU194841 Cyse-DBB*2602 GU194879 Cyse-DBB*4801 GU194922
Cyse-DBB*0301 GU194842 Cyse-DBB*2603 GU194880 Cyse-DBB*4802 GU194923
Cyse-DBB*0401 GU194843 Cyse-DBB*2801 GU194882 Cyse-DBB*4803 GU194924
Cyse-DBB*0701 GU194847 Cyse-DBB*2802 GU194883 Cyse-DBB*5002 GU194927
Cyse-DBB*0801 GU194848 Cyse-DBB*2803 GU194884 Cyse-DBB*5003 GU194928
Cyse-DBB*0901 GU194850 Cyse-DBB*2901 GU194886 Cyse-DBB*5101 GU194929
Cyse-DBB*1001 GU194851 Cyse-DBB*3002 GU194888 Cyse-DBB*5202 GU194932
Cyse-DBB*1002 GU194852 Cyse-DBB*3101 GU194889 Cyse-DBB*5401 GU194934
Cyse-DBB*1003 GU194853 Cyse-DBB*3102 GU194890 Cyse-DBB*5501 GU194935
Cyse-DBB*1201 GU194855 Cyse-DBB*3201 GU194891 Cyse-DBB*5601 GU194936
Cyse-DBB*1301 GU194856 Cyse-DBB*3301 GU194892 Cyse-DBB*5602 GU194937
Cyse-DBB*1402 GU194858 Cyse-DBB*3302 GU194893 Cyse-DBB*5604 GU194939
Cyse-DBB*1403 GU194859 Cyse-DBB*3401 GU194896 Cyse-DBB*5701 GU194940
Cyse-DBB*1501 GU194860 Cyse-DBB*3501 GU194897 Cyse-DBB*5801 GU194941
Cyse-DBB*1601 GU194861 Cyse-DBB*3701 GU194902 Cyse-DBB*5901 GU194942
Cyse-DBB*1602 GU194862 Cyse-DBB*3702 GU194903 Cyse-DBB*5902 GU194943
Cyse-DBB*1701 GU194864 Cyse-DBB*3901 GU194905 Cyse-DBB*6001 GU194944
Cyse-DBB*1702 GU194865 Cyse-DBB*4001 GU194906 Cyse-DBB*6002 GU194945
Cyse-DBB*1703 GU194866 Cyse-DBB*4002 GU194907 Cyse-DBB*6102 GU194947
Cyse-DBB*1801 GU194867 Cyse-DBB*4101 GU194910 Cyse-DBB*6201 GU194948
Cyse-DBB*2002 GU194870 Cyse-DBB*4201 GU194911 Cyse-DBB*6301 GU194949
Cyse-DBB*2101 GU194871 Cyse-DBB*4301 GU194912 Cyse-DBB*6401 GU194950
Cyse-DBB*2201 GU194872 Cyse-DBB*4302 GU194913 Cyse-DBB*6402 GU194951
Cyse-DBB*2202 GU194873 Cyse-DBB*4402 GU194915 Cyse-DBB*6403 GU194952
Cyse-DBB*2203 GU194874 Cyse-DBB*4501 GU194916 Cyse-DBB*6404 GU194954
Cyse-DBB*2301 GU194875 Cyse-DBB*4502 GU194917 Cyse-DBB*6501 GU194955
     Cyse-DBB*6601 GU194956