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Table 1 Origin and sample size of different breeds included in this study

From: Genomic scan of selective sweeps in thin and fat tail sheep breeds for identifying of candidate regions associated with fat deposition

Data set Breed Code1 Tail status Sampling area Sample size
Zel-Lori Bakhtiari data set      
  Zel ZEL Thin tail Iran 47
  Lori-Bakhtiari LOR Fat tail Iran 47
Ovine HapMap data set      
  Deccani DEC Thin tail India 23
  Scottish Black Face SBF Thin tail United Kingdom 56
  Bunder Oberland Sheep BOS Thin tail Switzerland 24
  Gulf Coast Native GCN Thin tail North America 94
  Karakas KAR Fat tail Turkey 18
  Norduz NDZ Fat tail Turkey 20
  Afshari AFS Fat tail Iran 37
  1. 1 Code is the 3-letter code for each breed.