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Figure 3

From: Ascertaining gene flow patterns in livestock populations of developing countries: a case study in Burkina Faso goat

Figure 3

Maps illustrating patterns of genetic variation in Burkina Faso goat. Maps a), b) and c) are synthetic maps illustrating, respectively, geographic variation of the first factor identified using principal component analyses (PCA), and the relative parental contributions from Sahelian goat for each of the 23 sampled populations as determined using the programs LEADMIX (Map b) and LEA (Map c). To make the interpretation of the maps easier, the present limits of the three environmental areas (Sahel, in the North, Sudan, in the South, and central Sudan-Sahel area; solid black lines), the Northern tsetse limit in Burkina Faso reported in 2009 [14] (solid orange lines) and the main road of Burkina Faso (Dori-Ouagadougou-Bobo Dioulasso; populations 4, 10 and 18; dotted line) are also illustrated.

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