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Table 2 Correlation of GY with other traits under RS and NS conditions

From: qDTY12.1: a locus with a consistent effect on grain yield under drought in rice

Ecosystem/season DTF PHT LR BIO HI
WS2011NS 0.23* 0.27* NR 0.35* 0.64*
WS2011RS −0.30* 0.10 −0.92* 0.64* 0.86*
RS2011DS −0.66* 0.18 NA NA NA
  1. WS2011RS: RS experiment of wet season in Nepal; WS2011NS: NS experiment of wet season in Nepal; DS2011RS: RS experiment of dry season at IRRI; GY: Grain yield; DTF: Days to 50% flowering; PHT: Plant height; LR: leaf rolling; BIO: Biomass; HI: Harvest index.
  2. *: Significant at P ≤ 0.05.
  3. NR: LR was not recorded in NS.
  4. NA: not available.