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Table 4 Percent of misclassified individuals correctly identified based on two cutoff probabilities across the four simulation scenarios

From: Genome wide association studies in presence of misclassified binary responses

  D1 D2 D3 D4
  Misclass2 Correct Misclass Correct Misclass Correct Misclass Correct
Hard1 0.27 0 0.95 0 0.24 0 0.90 0
Soft 0.94 0 0.99 0 0.79 0 0.97 0
  1. 1Hard: cut off probability was set at 0.5. Soft: cut off probability was equal to the overall mean of the probabilities of being misclassified over the entire dataset plus two standard deviations; 2Misclass: individuals which were misclassified. Correct: Correctly coded individuals.