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Table 7 Mapping of QTLs on chromosomes 1 and 4 for body weight at 25 weeks using reference map position

From: Genetic background (DDD/Sgn versus C57BL/6J) strongly influences postnatal growth of male mice carrying the Ayallele at the agouti locus: identification of quantitative trait loci associated with diabetes and body weight loss

Chromosome Location (Mbp)a 95% CI (Mbp)b Max LODc Candidate gene (Position, Mbp)
1 147.25 106.49–188.44 2.69 Ifi202b (173.96)
4 145.06 112.44–151.57 4.25 Zfp69 (120.93)
  1. aLocation indicates a chromosomal position showing a peak LOD score in Mbp.
  2. b95% CI is defined by a 1.5-LOD support interval in Mbp.
  3. cMaximum LOD score for QTL.