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Table 3 Description of lead SNPs showing significant association with hematological traits by LDLA

From: Genome-wide association studies for hematological traits in Chinese Sutai pigs

Traits1 Peak SNP Num2 Chr3 Pos (bp)4 Nearest gene5 Distance (bp)6 P-value
HCT** ss107842725 331 7 24777963 ENSSSCG00000001232 Within 1.28E-08
RBC** ss107842725 180 7 24777963 ENSSSCG00000001232 Within 1.20E-07
MCH* ss478941323 60 5 61925570 GRIN2B 144801 3.05E-06
MCV* ss107842725 68 7 24777963 ENSSSCG00000001232 Within 1.47E-06
RDW-SD* ss131114130 13 9 33331814 ENSSSCG00000014974 3311 1.89E-05
WBC* ss131152863 1 1 289943447 TLR4 157600 1.49E-05
  1. The associated region was defined as the interval the distances between two adjacent genome-wide significant SNPs was less than 10 Mb.
  2. 1The abbreviations of hematological traits are given in Table 1. e.g. MCV is Mean corpuscular volume.
  3. 2The number of significant SNPs for each hematological trait.
  4. 3, 4Chromosomal locations and positions of the most significant SNP associated with hematological traits in Sus scrofa Build 10.2 assembly.
  5. 5The nearest annotated gene to the significant SNP. The annotated gene database is from
  6. 6SNP designated as in a gene or distance (bp) from a gene region in Sus scrofa Build 10.2 assembly, “0” in column 6 represent un-annotated genes.
  7. **Genome-wide significant.
  8. *Chromosome-wide significant.