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Table 4 SAG sequence variations and amino acid exchanges in respective dog breeds

From: Screening of the arrestin gene in dogs afflicted with generalized progressive retinal atrophy

    Sequence variations in breed(s)a
Location Sequence variation* Amino acid exchange In affected and gPRA unaffected dogs gPRA affected dogs in heterozygous state
Intron 1 IVS1+393T→C - BDP, BS, GR, IRS, Rob, TT BDP, GR,
Exon 2 UTR-5A→G - Bo, BS, GRc, BDP, IRS, SDc, Sl, TTb Bo, GR, SD
  c255A→G H14C SI Sl
Exon 5 c526C→T A111V Sac Sa
  c531G→A A113T Sac Sa
Intron 5 IVS5-30C→T - ECS, MP, Rob, Sac ECS, MP, Sa
Exon 6 c610C→T C132C GR GR
Intron 7 IVS7+10C→T - IRSb, GR, SPc D, IRS, GR
  IVS7+52Ins.G - GRc GR
  IVS7-4Del.G - CCRb D, GR, IRS, MP, SDc, Slc, SPb, TTc D, GR, IRS, SD
Exon 8 c811G→A Q199Q GR GR
Intron 8 IVS8+8A→G - D, ECSc, GRc, LRc, Sa D, ECS, GR, Sa
Exon 9 c874T→C H225H Bo, BDP, CCRb, ECS, D, GRc, IRS, MP, NF, Rob, Sa, Slb, TTbc Bo, ECS, D, GR, IRS, MP, NF, Sa
Exon 10 c949G→T V247V IRS, GR GR
  c983G→T D259T ACb AC
  c1000A→G P264P AC, LR, IRSb, GR GR
Intron 10 IVS10-18G→C - GR, IRS, BDP GR
  IVS10-33C→T - GR, IRS GR
Exon 11 c1063G→A T288T BS, BDP, GR, IRSb, Sa BS, GR, Sa
  c1076C→T L293L BS, BDP, GRc, Sa, TT BS, Sa
Intron 11 IVS11-51Ins.TT - Sa, IRSb Sa
Intron 13 IVS13+66C→G - Sa, IRSb Sa
Intron 14 IVS14-45Del.A - PON PON
Intron 15 IVS15+14C→T - Sa -
  IVS15+86T→A - Sa -
  IVS15-45Ins.C - PON, AWbc, SPb PON
Exon 16 c1344C→A A379E IRSb, ECSb, GRc, PON, Sabc, TTb ECS, GR
  1. a For abbreviations see Table 1 b Homozygous state in gPRA affected dogs c Homozygous state in unaffected dogs *(EMBL accession number for cDNA: X98460; EMBL accession numbers for genomic DNA: AJ426068-AJ426078)