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Table 3 Concordant relationships between this and previous studies regarding ARE variants and type 2 diabetes

From: Male preponderance in early diagnosed type 2 diabetes is associated with the ARE insertion/deletion polymorphism in the PPP1R3A locus

Age at diagnosis Study Sample size (n) Ethnicity Sex imbalance Association of ARE variants with diabetes
Younger Maegawa et al [12] 426 Japanese Yes Yes
  Xia et al [10] 930 Pima Yes Yes
  This study 482 Caucasian Yes Yes
Later Hansen et al [15] 696 Caucasian Yes No
  This study 1,468 Caucasian No No
  1. All studies with >200 diabetic individuals are included, 2 studies were excluded due to small sample size and lack of information regarding age of diagnosis [14, 29]. Both of these studies did present significant associations with either disease susceptibility or insulin homeostasis.