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Table 4 Estimated total and unique recombinations per genotyped ARI strain

From: A new set of BXD recombinant inbred lines from advanced intercross populations in mice

  G9 (12 strains)   G10 (10 strains)  
  Recombinations per Strain Densitya Recombinations per Strain Densitya
Conservative estimate, adding missed inbreeding-derived recombinations only 59.7 1.4 61 1.5
Proportional estimate, including missed AIL and inbreeding-derived recombinations 67.3 1.6 69.1 1.7
Experimental estimate using closely spaced pairs of loci 77.6 1.9 86.6 2.1
Estimated total recombinations at 936 markers per strain 84.3 2.0 86.6 2.1
  1. aFold change in strain recombination density compared to the currently available BXD RI strains. (BXD RI density equals 1.0)