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Table 2 Mean % trials completed by stimulus order. A trial was considered to be complete as long as a mouse took a single lick. After 120 s had elapsed without a lick, a given trial was considered over, and the next trial began. B6 mice completed significantly more trials (out of a possible 24 per session) than did D2 mice across all three stimuli with which those mice were tested.

From: Inbred mouse strains C57BL/6J and DBA/2J vary in sensitivity to a subset of bitter stimuli

   n Stim 1 Stim 2 Stim 3
Strain Gender     
B6 Female 15 96.9 94.6 96.0
  Male 15 93.1 91.2 90.6
D2 Female 17 96.6 93.6 97.2
  Male 13 93.4 88.6 94.6