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Table 1 Transgenes and strains

From: Visualization of C. elegans transgenic arrays by GFP

PS2442: dpy-20(e1282;) syIs44 [pMH86 (dpy-20(+)), pPD49-78GFP-lacI, lacO] [strain available from the CGC]
PS2381: ncl-1(e1865) II; syEx154 [pRF4 (rol-6(su1006)), cosmid C33C3, pPD49-78GFP-lacI, lacO]
PS2629: lin-5(e1348), dpy-10(e128) II; syEx207 [pRF4 (rol-6(su1006)), pPD49-78GFP-LacI, lacO 256 ]
PS2958: syIs46 [pMH86 (dpy-20(+)), dpy-30S65T*LacI, pPD49-78GFP-LacI] II; ncl-1(e1865) III; dpy-20(e1282) IV; him-5(e1490) V [strain available from the CGC]
PS3047: syIs46; ncl-1(e1865); dpy-20(e1282); lin-15(e1763); syEx272 [lin-15B(+), lacO, cosmid C33C3]
PS3427: syIs46; lin-3(n378) let-59(s49) unc-22(s7)/lin-3(n1059) unc-24(e138); syEx345 [lin-3(+), lacO, pPD118-33]