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Table 1 Identifying essential derivation in C. vulgaris.

From: Implementation of a model for identifying Essentially Derived Varieties in vegetatively propagated Calluna vulgaris varieties

  Reference Sets
  Set A Set B
1 Niederohe 'Sandy'
2 San Remo 'Annegret'
3 'Adrie'
4 'Allegro'
5 'Boskoop'
6 'Carmen'
7 'C. W. Nix'
8 'Dark Beauty'
9 'Findling'
10 'Glenmorangie'
11 'Johnson's Variety'
12 'Long White'
13 'Mariella'
14 'Marlies'
15 'McDonalds of Glencoe'
16 'Minima Smith's Variety'
17 'Mrs. Pinxteren'
18 'Multicolor'
19 'Orange Queen'
20 'Peace'
21 'Radnor'
22 'Sandhammeren'
23 'Silver Knight'
24 'Underwoodii'
25 'Wickwar Flame'
  1. Identifying essential derivation in C. vulgaris: Reference-Sets A and B chosen for the Test-Sets. Set B differs from A only in the exchange of two wild-type genotypes (Niederohe, San Remo) versus 2 varieties ('Sandy', 'Annegret') as indicated by summarizing both columns of Set A and B for the residual 23 varieties.