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Table 1 Percentage estimation of dot-blot hybridization of PcP190 satellite DNA

From: Long-time evolution and highly dynamic satellite DNA in leptodactylid and hylodid frogs

Species Localities PcP190 estimation (%) in the genome
Physalaemus cuvieri Uberlândia (MG) 5,3
Physalaemus cuvieri Passo Fundo (RS) 1,7
Physalaemus cuvieri Porto Nacional (TO) 5,9
Physalaemus cuvieri Araruna (PB) 6,1
Physalaemus cuvieri Tr’s Lagoas (MS) 6,5
Physalaemus albifrons Alagoinhas (BA) 2,4
Physalaemus albonotatus Lambari D’Oeste (MT) 1,6
Physalaemus centralis Palestina (SP) 2,7
Physalaemus ephippifer Bel m (PA) 2,2