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Table 1 Overview of chromosomal rearrangements between the potato and tomato genomes based on comparative cytological and genetic mapping

From: A DArT marker-based linkage map for wild potato Solanum bulbocastanum facilitates structural comparisons between SolanumA and B genomes

Chromosome (potato) Tomato Citation 1
2 2 L inversion a
3 Translocation b
5 5S inversion a, c, d, e, f
6 6S inversion a, g
9 9S inversion a, c, d, f
10 10 L inversion a, c, d, f
11 11S inversion a, c, f
12 12S inversion a, c, f
  1. 1a: TG Consortium [30]; b: Sharma et al. [27]; c: Tanksley et al. [23]; d: Bonierbale et al. [22]; e: Livingstone et al. [24]; f: Szinay et al. [28]; g: Iovene et al. [29].