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Figure 2

From: Targeted disruption of Tbc1d20with zinc-finger nucleases causes cataracts and testicular abnormalities in mice

Figure 2

The eye phenotypes in Tbc1d20 ZFN/ZFNmice. H&E analysis revealed severely disrupted P28Tbc1d20 ZFN/ZFN eyes (B) eyes when compared to controls (A); scale bars = 250 μm. Tbc1d20 ZFN/ZFN vacuolated lenses exhibiting severely shortened and disorganized lens fiber cells (D) in contrast to highly organized lens fibers in control lenses (C); scale bars = 50 μm. The Tbc1d20 ZFN/ZFN mice exhibited thickened pupillary sphincter muscle (F) when compared to the pupillary sphincter muscled noted in control eyes (E); scale bars = 50 μm.

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