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Table 1 Phenotypic characterisation of parental breeds, F 1 and F 2 animals of the cross between GG and NZW

From: A comprehensive linkage map and QTL map for carcass traits in a cross between Giant Grey and New Zealand White rabbits

  GG 5 NZW 5 F 1 F 2
Trait Mean±SD Mean±SD Mean±SD Mean±SD
  n = 4 n = 18 n = 21 n = 363
Liveweight (g) 3048.75±255.81a 2522.56±126.72b 2647.29±269.31b,c 2644.43±498.53a,c
Hot carcass weight (g) 1426.50±175.64a 1213.33±83.24b 1357.10±132.42a 1344.46±271.79a
Reference carcass weight (g) 1385.75±178.58a 1174.50±77.42b 1301.95±127.51a 1304.09±265.55a
Fore part weight (g) 563.50±69.55a 462.78±38.13b 521.67±54.26a 523.44±111.66a
Intermediate part weight (g) 292.25±48.22a,b 264.39±20.21a 296.24±39.11b,c 289.89±65.55b,c
Hind part weight (g) 529.50±63.49a,b 446.89±28.41a 482.90±43.21b,c 490.59±94.81b,c
Meat weight fore part (g)1 402.50±63.57a,b 360.11±36.58a 400.67±44.06b 382.00±88.14b
Meat weight intermediate part (g)1 238.25±51.01a 227.50±15.98a 242.05±31.95a 230.42±51.66a
Meat weight hind part (g)1 414.75±49.85a 363.83±26.77b 390.86±37.05a 377.73±77.30a,b
Bone weight fore part (g)1 148.25±27.26a,c 98.50±8.06b 114.57±13.12a 125.54±27.00c
Bone weight intermediate part (g)1 41.25±5.91a 27.94±4.02b 34.43±5.87c 39.53±10.00a
Bone weight hind part (g)1 114.50±17.69a 83.11±6.01b 90.33±11.0c 101.73±22.03a
Head weight (g)1 180.25±6.80a 167.17±11.56b 163.10±10.52b 154.21±22.97c
Kidney weight (g)1 27.00±6.38a 17.28±1.60a,c 20.10±4.32b 17.43±3.76c
Scapular fat weight (g)1 2.18±1.13a,b 0.90±1.17a 1.19±1.09b 1.93±1.42a
Perirenal fat weight (g)1 4.39±1.94a,bc 3.19±2.82a 6.53±2.52b 4.84±2.82c
Inguinal fat weight (g)1 0.00±0.00a 0.04v0.16a,b 0.36±0.69b 1.10±1.13c
Drip loss (%) 2.91±0.57a,b 3.18±1.04a,b 4.05±1.73b 2.98±0.84a,c
pH45 value M. biceps femoris 6.99±0.42a 6.82±0.20a 6.44±0.24b 6.65±0.30c
pH24 value M. biceps femoris 5.79±0.25a,c 5.81±0.11a,b 5.61±0.11b 5.75±0.19c
Meat coulor45 L* M. biceps femoris 2 51.01±1.66a - 55.48±1.16b 57.10±2.16c
Meat coulor24 L* M. biceps femoris 2 58.46±0.59a - 56.15±1.31b 57.63±1.95a
Meat coulor45 a* M. biceps femoris 2 2.91±0.84a - 12.19±1.08b 11.24±1.51c
Meat coulor24 a* M. biceps femoris 2 4.11±1.11a - 14.06±0.98b 12.90±1.67c
Meat coulor45 b* M. biceps femoris 2 1.82±0.73a - 1.10±1.19a 1.10±1.40a
Meat coulor24 b* M. biceps femoris 2 4.78±0.97a,b - 4.67±0.85a 3.58±1.49b
Shear force3 - - 3.11±0.90a 3.35±0.85a
Protein content (%)4 - 22.76±0.54a 23.22±0.48b 23.40±0.58b
Fat content (%)4 - 2.83±0.85a 0.65±0.33b 0.80±0.37b
  1. 1number of F2 animals = 327; 2number of F2 animals = 336; 3number of F2 animals = 155; 4number of F2 animals = 93; 5data for some meat quality traits were not recorded in the founder breeds; pH45-pH value 45 min post mortem, pH24-pH value 24 h post mortem, meat colour45 - meat colour 45 min post mortem, meat colour24- meat colour 24 h post mortem, L* - lightness, a*-redness, b*-yellowness; a,b,cSignificant differences between parental, F1 and F2 for the same trait (t-test, p < 0.05).