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Fig. 1

From: DNA polymorphism and selection at the bindin locus in three Strongylocentrotus sp. (Echinoidea)

Fig. 1

DNA polymorphism in the bindin gene of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus intermedius. The numbers above the top sequence represent the position of segregating sites and the start of a deletion or insertion. Nucleotides are numbered from the beginning of our sequence (position 877 in [59], starting the mature bindin protein). The coding nucleotides are in bold. Amino acid replacement polymorphisms are marked with asterisks. Dots indicate the same nucleotide as the reference sequence. The hyphens represent deleted nucleotides. ▲ denotes a deletion; † denotes the absence of a deletion; denotes an insertion; ‡ denotes the absence of an insertion. The recombinant sequence U-7 is in bold; the putative conversion tract is underlined. The exon - intron coordinates are: 1–237: exon I; 238–1191: intron; 1192–1518: exon II

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