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Fig. 1

From: Genome-wide search identifies a gene-gene interaction between 20p13 and 2q14 in asthma

Fig. 1

Gene-gene interactions between 20p13 and 2q14. P-values for interactions between variants within 0.1 megabases (Mb) of rs910652 and rs11684871 are represented. Gene annotations are from LocusZoom (; regulatory annotations are from RegulomeDB and GTEx (see the Methods section). The side plots show LD structure; stronger colors on these plots indicate higher pairwise LD as measured by D’ (generated via Haploview []). Interaction p-values and LD measures from the screening dataset (a) and follow-up datasets (meta-analysis p-values) (b) are shown. The green lines identify correspondence between genomic positions and LD plot positions, for the highlighted variants

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