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Table 1 O. viciifolia individuals used for marker characterization in this study

From: Characterization of novel SSR markers in diverse sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia) germplasm

Individual number Variety Status Origin Source
ID_01 247 NA Morocco GRIN
ID_02 Buceanskij NA Romania GRIN
ID_03 CPI 63750 NA Turkey GRIN
ID_04 CPI 63764 wild Turkey GRIN
ID_05 CPI 63820 NA Spain GRIN
ID_06 CPI 63826 NA Spain GRIN
ID_07 NA / RCAT028437 NA Hungary GRIN
ID_08 Ökotyp Wiedlisbach ecotype Switzerland ISS
ID_09 Premier landrace Switzerland ISS
ID_10 Rees A cultivar UK GRIN
ID_11 TU86-43-03 cultivated Turkey GRIN
ID_12 Nova cultivar Canada GRIN
ID_13 Visnovsky cultivar Czech Republik ISS
ID_14 Perly cultivar Switzerland ISS
ID_15 Brunner landrace Austria ISS
ID_16 Perdix cultivar Switzerland ISS
ID_17 Cotswold Common cultivar UK RAU
ID_18 Perly cultivar Switzerland RAU
ID_19 Somborne cultivar UK RAU
ID_20 Ibaneti/ RCAT028292 NA Romania RCAH
ID_21 Bivolari/RCAT028294 cultivar Romania RCAH
ID_22 NA/170582 NA Hungary RCAH
ID_23 CPI 637554/ 192995 NA Turkey GRIN
ID_24 CPI 63767 / 212241 cultivar USA GRIN
ID_25 Na/228352 wild Iran GRIN
ID_26 CPI 63781/ 236486 NA Turkey GRIN
ID_27 Cholderton Hamshire Common cultivar UK GRIN
ID_28 Visnovsky cultivar Czech Republic GRIN
ID_29 Zeus cultivar Italy Cotswold Seeds Ltd
ID_30 Zeus cultivar Italy Cotswold Seeds Ltd
ID_31 Ambra cultivar Italy private
ID_32 Esparcette cultivar UK private
  1. RAU Royal Agricultural University Gloucestershire UK, RCAH Research Centre for Agrobotany Tápiószele; Hungary, GRIN Germplasm Resources Information Network, Washington, USA, ISS Agroscope Institute for sustainability science, Zurich, Switzerland