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Table 1 Genotypes of 88 Vorderwald cattle at the rs876174537 polymorphism in COL7A1

From: A nonsense mutation in the COL7A1 gene causes epidermolysis bullosa in Vorderwald cattle

Animal group N Genotypes at the COL7A1 variant
Calves with epidermolysis bullosa 2 - - 2
Obligate carriers
 Dams of calves with EB 7 - 7 -
 Sires of calves with EB 7 - 7 -
Healthy bulls used in artificial insemination
 Carriers of the EB-associated haplotype 0 - - -
 Non-carriers 21 21 - -
 Haplotype state unknown 51 50 1 -
  1. Genotypes for the nonsense mutation (rs876174537) in COL7A1 were obtained in 88 animals of the Vorderwald cattle breed using Sanger sequencing including 14 parents of affected calves (obligate carriers). The seven sires of affected calves were also used in artificial insemination