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Fig. 3

From: Genes of susceptibility to early neurodegenerative changes in the rat retina and brain: analysis by means of congenic strains

Fig. 3

Retinas of 3-month-old WAG/OXYS-1.2 rats. a Migration of macrophages into the inner plexiform and ganglion layers (white arrows). Migration of the perikaryon of the associative neuron into the inner plexiform layer (dashed black arrow). b Advanced intraretinal capillary with phenomenon of the blood cells stasis (black arrows); lymphocytic infiltration (white arrows); NGC: the nucleus of the ganglion neuron. Abbreviations: OPL: outer plexiform layer; INL: inner nuclear layer; IPL: the inner plexiform layer; ONL: outer nuclear layer; GL: ganglion cell layer. The scale bar is 10 μm

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