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Fig. 12

From: A compendium of human genes regulating feeding behavior and body weight, its functional characterization and identification of GWAS genes involved in brain-specific PPI network

Fig. 12

The Experimental_brain-specific network formed by physical interactions between genes/proteins from the sublist Brain-specific (see Sublist of proteins expressed in brain section). Ellipses denote proteins/genes from the Rank_1: genes with biological interpretation group, lozenges denote proteins/genes from Rank_2: genes without biological interpretation. Names of genes/proteins from the GWAS meta analysis set are shown in blue. Dashed rectangles denote associations that involve genes/proteins from the group Rank_2: genes without biological interpretation. Blue numerals denote the ranks of nodes calculated according to their weight (the number of first neighbors). The color legend and other designations are the same as in Figs. 8, 9, and 10

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