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Table 1 Details on the sample used in this study

From: Karyotype diversity and chromosomal organization of repetitive DNA in Tityus obscurus (Scorpiones, Buthidae)

N Locality Geographical coordinate
1 male/3 females Belém, PA, Brasil 1°24′16.29″S/48°27′12.29″O
1 female Santa Bárbara, PA, Brasil 1°13′40.15″S/48°17′46.53″O
2 males/10 females Benevides, PA, Brasil 1°17′23.33″S/48°19′35.69″O
1 female Moju, PA, Brasil 1°53′06.64″S/48°45′55.52″O
2 males Acará, PA, Brasil 2°01′03.79″S/48°1910.42″O
1 male Bragança, PA, Brasil 1°03′41.83″S/46°46′58.84″O
2 males/4 females Afuá, PA, Brasil 0°08′51.08″S/50°23′24.25″O
5 males/2 females Santarém, PA, Brasil 2°27′04.27″S/54°42′04.63″O
2 male/1 female Rurópolis, PA, Brasil 4°06′02.68″S/54°54′34.65″O