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Fig. 2

From: Mapping of leptin and its syntenic genes to chicken chromosome 1p

Fig. 2

Comparison of the predicted amino-acid sequence deduced for chicken RBM28 to those of alligator and human. The amino-acid sequence of alligator (A, Alligator mississippiensis, [GenBank: XM014610288] was aligned to human (H, Homo sapiens, [GenBank: KR710309]), and chicken (C; PRJEB18741). Dashes indicate gaps in the alignment. Identical, similar, and non-conserved residues are indicated by a black, grey, and white background, respectively. Exon borders of the human gene are indicated by the exon numbers in bold (conserved between species) or italics (non-conserved), based on the exon comparison table (Additional file 2: Table S2). RNA recognition motifs 1–4 and the acidic domain, characterized for the human RBM28 [26] are delineated above the sequence

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