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Fig. 1

From: Characterization and functional analysis of GhWRKY42, a group IId WRKY gene, in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Fig. 1

Gene structure and sequence analysis of GhWRKY42. a Gene structure of GhWRKY42. b Sequence alignment of the deduced GhWRKY42 protein with its homologous proteins AtWRKY15 (At2g23320), OsWRKY17 (XP_015633572), ZmWRKY21 (XP_008673611), GmWRKY15 (XP_006573647) and NtWRKY15 (XP_016498573). The approximately 60-amino acid WRKY domain is indicated by the two-headed arrow. The highly conserved WRKY domain core sequence WRKYGQK is boxed. The C and H residues in the zinc-finger motif are indicated by arrows. The KKRK NLS and conserved HARF structural motif are indicated by a horizontal line. The abbreviations before the gene names of different species are as follows: At, Arabidopsis thaliana; Gh, Gossypium hirsutum; Zm, Zea mays; Gm, Glycine max; Os, Oryza sativa; Nt, Nicotiana tabacum

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