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Table 5 Genome-wide significantly associated SNPs for pelt density, pelt quality and quality in mink. Base positions are as in mink reference genome [9]

From: SNP markers associated with body size and pelt length in American mink (Neovison vison)

SNP Trait SNP effect P-value Gene Distance (bp)
scaffold36:12292013 pelt quality 0.40 (1–5 5 is best) 2.10E-6 EBF3 30,400
scaffold55:6477550 quality −0.16 (1–5 5 is best) 1.62E-6 PTPRT 34,226
scaffold160:1015280 pelt density 0.12 (1–3, flat-filling) 4.85E-6 ZNF148 1216