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Table 5 Studied populations of Arapaima gigas

From: Genetic diversity and structure in Arapaima gigas populations from Amazon and Araguaia-Tocantins river basins

Site name n° genotyped fish n° sampled fish Sampling year Location Coordinates
Amazon 12 16 [31] 2000 Amazon River, Iquitos, Peru −3.767454/−73.248425
Solimões 12 223 [29] 2003 Solimões River, Tefé, AM-Brazil −2.807539/−65.076747
Tocantins 12 38 [29] 2002 Tocantins River, Tucuruí, PA-Brazil −4.111435/− 49.744085
Araguaia 12 31 2013 Araguaia River, Lagoa da Confusão, TO-Brazil −10.918678/−50.183229
Captive 12 24 2016 Taipas, TO-Brazil −12.161331/−46.859444
  1. Information on site locations and geographical coordinates for one captive (Captive) and four wild (Amazon, Solimões, Tocantins and Araguaia) populations. A reference is indicated where samples were previously analysed in another study