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Table 3 Results from AMOVA of all sampled Impatiens glandulifera populations

From: Low genetic diversity despite multiple introductions of the invasive plant species Impatiens glandulifera in Europe

  Continents Municipalities
  % variance explained F-statistic p % variance explained F-statistic p
Between continents / among municipalities (FCT) 35.22 0.352 <0.01 29.25 0.292 <0.001
Among populationsa (FSC) 16.81 0.260 <0.001 10.58 0.150 <0.001
Within populations (among and within individuals) (FIS) 47.96 −0.038 >0.05 60.17 0.187 >0.05
  1. Percentage of variance of genetic diversity explained between continents or among municipalities, among populations and within populations, F-statistics and p values for the different hierarchical levels. The dataset was analysed both with continent as the highest hierarchical level (second through fourth columns) and with municipality as the highest hierarchical level (fifth through seventh columns)
  2. aPercentage variation among populations within continents (first column) and municipalities (third column)